Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget is an innovative cultural project that is part digital archive, part oral history and part contemporary artmaking project. The community-based initiative documents and preserves the vernacular photography, oral histories and cultural traditions of earlier generations of UAE Nationals and facilitates an intergenerational dialogue with their descendants through a mix of research, art, storytelling, exhibitions and publications.

Differing from most academic or museum initiatives, Lest We Forget promotes a deep understanding of Emirati culture by collecting the personal memories of those with their own knowledge and experience of the culture and heritage of the UAE, and then inviting younger generations to creatively engage with the memories of their elders through the medium of contemporary art.  

Lest We Forget has hosted a series of exhibitions both internationally and in the UAE since 2014. Each exhibition has been accompanied by the publication of a dedicated book or publication. Lest We Forget also provides internship opportunities to local students.

Lest We Forget is an independent initiative supported by the Foundation.